The Power of Branding College Sports Facilities

Every year, millions of sports fans pack into collegiate arenas around the country to cheer on their favorite teams. Each day or night, stadiums come alive, not only with the sights and sounds of the game, but with many opportunities to display your brand to a captive audience. There are many products that can be customized to showcase your team, brand or logo in a college football, basketball and baseball stadium or arena.


Whether you are a school, organization, or advertiser, there are many ways you can customize your facility’s products to display your brand or sponsor. By printing on the products in your sports facility, you can increase the aesthetics of your facility, promote team spirit, improve loyalty, and raise awareness of your brand or organization. You can also raise revenue by showcasing your advertisers and sponsors’ brands. CoverSports’ printed stadium products are a perfect place to sell valuable advertising space or promote a sponsor.

Check out the infographic below to see the possibilities of branding a basketball, football or baseball facility and learn more about:


Looking to add branding to your facility? Check out the wide range of products that we offer. Most of our products can be printed on, including custom vinyl banners, windscreens, gym and stadium wall pads, goal post padding and much more. Our TuffPrintTM printing warranty: good for the life of the cover.


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