Gym Wall Pad & Mat Buying Guide

Some companies have decades worth of gymnasium protection experience — we have more than a century. CoverSports has been America’s choice for protective covers and padding for more than 140 years, providing customers with both quality features and professional function. Trusted by high school, college, and professional teams across the country, CoverSports is your answer for competitively priced, industry-leading gym protection.

In addition to our experience, we offer supreme customer service. That’s why we’ve created this guide to answer your FAQs to make the decision process easier and clearer than ever when it’s time to purchase mats for your gymnasium or event space.

Why is EnviroSafe better than other wall pads? What makes them environmentally friendly?

All of our gym pads are EnviroSafe® products made from 100% toxin-free foam. They contain 60% recycled soda bottle fibers and 40% virgin fiber. For example, a single 2’x6’ panel contains approximately 65 recycled bottles.

Additionally, our EnviroSafe® padding is hypo-allergenic, fire-retardant, latex-free and is 100% mold- and mildew-proof. EnviroSafe® is as safe for your gymnasts and players as it is for the environment.

Are the wall pads fire-retardant?

All of our indoor mats and wall pad coverings are ASTM E-84-08a flame retardant (Calif 117.T.B .) and meet fire codes, including NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshal and UL 300.

What ASTM specs do your wall pads meet?

Our gymnasium wall padding with Medium-firm foam meets ASTM F2440 for impact resistance and we have and FR version that meets ASTM E-84-08a for Class A flame retardant standards.

How do I select the best foam for my needs?

If meeting an ASTM specification is important for your project, you may select with these in mind:

What are the installation options?

Wall padding installation may be done two ways:

Can I print my school name and logo?

We offer custom gym wall padding and protection options, including school logos, lettering in a wide variety of colors.

How do I measure for wall pads?

Often times wall padding measurement and installation is fairly straightforward; however, projects can be a bit trickier when cutouts are involved, which is why we recommend contacting a professional installer. Even if you account for cutouts in your measurements, pads tend to “grow” during installation. Below are factors to consider when measuring for wall padding.

For more detailed information on how to measure for gym wall padding, take a look at our guide here.

Can you make custom sizes?

In addition to custom branding, CoverSports offers custom sizing to accommodate customer needs based on their gymnasiums’ specifications.

What about corner pads? Can they mount to specific types of surfaces?

CoverSports has padding solutions that address potential safety hazards caused by corners, beams and columns found in indoor gym facilities. Our removable Velcro provides easy on/off functionality for such scenarios.

Can you make cutouts for outlets, fire extinguishers, etc.?

All our wall padding can be custom made to fit your specific gym needs, including fire extinguishers, doors, outlets, etc.  When accounting for cut-outs, ensure that enough room is factored in for items such as door handles, circuit breakers, fire pull stations, etc.

What colors are available and does that affect price?

At no additional cost, our extensive list of available colors includes:

Should I opt for permanent installation or a removable option? Which options are appropriate for either case?

If your gym is used primarily for athletic purposes and you want to implement custom fixtures, then CoverSports permanent wall padding options are likely your best choice.

However, CoverSports understands that gymnasiums aren’t always meant for tumbling and dribbling, which is why we offer removable options, as well. Our removable wall mats are equipped with Velcro attachments, which makes them incredibly easy to install and remove, should the need arise.

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