FAQ – Football Field Maintenance

How can you protect a football field during the offseason?

The winter months bring harsh weather conditions that can damage a football field. CoverSports has winter growth covers and turf blankets that shield your field from wind, ice, snow and frost. They also prevent unwanted foot and animal traffic, and promote faster growth and green-up in the spring by warming the soil and air while still allowing light to pass through.

How can you prepare a football field for the season?

Preparing a football field for the season is no easy task. Football fields take a beating from players’ cleats during practices, as well as the harsh elements of winter and summer. Check out our blog post about how groundskeepers and coaches can work together during pre-season to prepare a game-ready field.

These 5 tips will help you prepare a football field for the season. CoverSports’ Groundskeeper’s Guide to Pre-season Football Field Maintenance also has valuable pre-season planning advice for any groundskeeper.

How can you keep a football field game-ready during the season?

One of the most important things that you can do to protect your football field during the season is to keep it covered and protected from rain. Excessive rain can flood and damage a field, causing problems that can take months to repair. CoverSports has football field covers and tarps to keep your field game-ready and protected from rain.

How can you maintain the sidelines of a football field?

Sidelines are an important part of a football field, but aren’t always maintained as diligently as the actual playing surface. The sidelines are where coaches and athletes stand, discuss plans, and warm up — and it’s also where the cheerleaders cheer. In order to protect the team and enhance the look of the field, great care must be taken to keep sidelines maintained. Check out our blog post for tips on maintaining sidelines.

The most important thing you can do to keep the off-sides of your field in great shape is to cover them with sideline tarps. CoverSports has customizable ArmorMesh sideline tarps available in 13 colors, and more traditional Blanket Style sideline tarps.

What is the best way to protect a football field during events?

Football fields are often the spot where organizations host non-football related events like graduations or concerts. During these events, fields can be damaged by equipment and heavy foot traffic. The best way to protect your football field during non-sporting events is to use a field cover. CoverSports’ polypropylene blanket style field cover protects fields from gum, debris, high foot traffic, and high heels. The surfaces of our covers are flat, uniform, and allow air and water passage. Their gray color deflects heat and provides a neutral background for any event.

How do you install goal post padding?

Goal post padding is essential to keeping players safe during tackles and reception attempts in the end zone. There are two primary ways that you can install goal post padding.

Velcro attachment allows for quick installation and removal when not in use. Velcro attachment style goal post padding has an external flap on one side of the pad opening that connects to Velcro sewn on the other side of the pad opening. We recommend Velcro flap installation, because it allows you to better protect your pads from the elements by easily removing them when they are not needed. Grommet attachment is a more permanent installation method. These types of pads have strips of grommets on each side of the pad opening that are laced together with lacing rope.

What is the best way to store a football field cover?

 The best way to store a football field cover is to fold it to the proper width to fit a heavy duty roller, then roll it into a roller storage cover.