Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ ​– ​In-Ground ​Fencing ​Kits ​for Baseball ​& ​Softball

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Portable​ ​Outfield​ ​Fence​ ​for ​Natural ​Turf

Create ​your ​own ​baseball ​and ​softball ​field ​with portable​ ​outfield​ ​fences.​ ​Our ​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ ​kits provide stability and reduced sagging with optional poles at 5′ intervals.  The additional poles keep your Grand Slam Fencing System more taut and resistant to movement during wind, for an even more attractive and durable outfield solution. Optional sockets provide enhanced ground reinforcement.

Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ ​Pricing ​and ​Features

While ​you ​can ​use ​Grand ​Slam ​Fencing™ ​for ​either ​a baseball​ ​outfield​ ​fence​ ​or ​a little​ ​league​ ​fence​, ​this
portable ​fencing ​solution ​comes ​in ​multiple ​colors ​and ​varying ​lengths ​that ​are ​perfect ​for ​you ​field. ​For ​more
details ​on ​how temporary​ ​outfield​ ​fencing​ ​can ​be ​cost ​effective ​and ​still ​attractive, ​check ​out ​our blog ​post ​for
more ​information!

  • Fences ​are ​4′ ​high ​and ​are ​available ​in ​5 ​lengths: ​300′ ​HR ​(471’L), ​200′ ​HR ​(314’L), ​150’L, ​100’L, ​50’L
  • There ​are ​two ​pole ​spacing ​options, ​10’ ​standard ​or ​5’ ​to ​prevent ​sagging
  • All ​fences ​include ​a ​home ​run ​marker ​and ​come ​in ​either ​red, ​blue ​or ​green

Temporary ​Outfield ​Fencing ​Installation ​and ​Setup

• ​Easily ​install ​fences ​with ​5 ​simple ​steps. ​See ​photos ​of ​the ​installation ​process ​in ​the ​chart ​below.
• ​Reference ​the ​table ​below ​for ​common ​field ​designs ​using portable​ ​outfield​ ​fencing​.

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Grand Slam Fencing: 2 year warranty.

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  • Durable yet soft, and easy-to-handle

  • Quick and easy to set up and take down

  • Red, blue or green, all with yellow home run marker

  • Pole spacing: 10' standard, 5' reduces sagging

  • Available in 4' high and 5 different one-piece lengths: 300' HR (471'L), 200' HR (314'L), 150'L, 100'L, 50'L

  • Easier handling of smaller sections

  • Can design with overlap/gap in sections for ball retrieval

  • Design flexibility–can change outfield distance by adding or eliminating sections