FenceMate® Tennis Court Windscreens and Privacy Screens

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Reduce distractions and block out wind!

Don’t let your players suffer when the wind gets too rough!  Enhance the appearance of your tennis court and facility with FenceMate® Wind and Privacy Screens. FenceMate®  tennis court windscreens  add privacy and wind protection to a tennis court, helping players to concentrate on their game.  CoverSports can provide tennis court privacy windscreens for schools, professional leagues and clubs. With a variety of options including brass grommets on bound reinforced or heat-sealed hems, half-moon air vents or boxed air vents. These tennis windscreens are optimal for ensuring a safe, successful tennis match.

Made from the most durable meshes on the market, FenceMate® Wind and Privacy Screens provide a solid backdrop so your players can focus on the ball. CoverSports provides the option to get a custom tennis windscreen with TuffPrint, to brand your team and enhance home court advantage.  Tennis court windscreens can be ordered in a variety of colors, fabrics, and are made to your height and length specifications. Our tennis court windscreens can be customized with your printed graphics or logos for your advertising needs.

CoverSports’ customizable tennis windscreens and fence privacy screens ensure that you will get the right fit for your individual tennis court.


Windscreen products are warranted pro-rated completely against manufacturing defects.

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Tennis Windscreen special features include:

● Industry leading warranty – 3-5 years

● Lacing lips (on screens more than 6′ high)

● Optional wind vents / flaps

● Variety of fabric and pricing options

● Maximum UV protection

● Option to print team logo and/or name

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IncrediSeal from CoverSports

IncrediSealTM a new standard of excellence on ArmorMesh, VCM9X12 and VCP1800.

  • All sewing and stitching eliminated = zero possibility of thread breaks resulting in or causing open seams or hems
  • ‘Clean’ look – lays flat, no pleats, no black webbing, no stitches
  • Maximum UV protection

  • 10 styles to choose from with weave openings from 75% to 100% complete blockage – meets all privacy, wind and background needs

  • Standard heights: 6' and 9' (custom available), finished to any length

  • Multiple colors to match your team’s

  • Center lacing lip is standard for screens higher than 6' (extra row of grommets prevents wind damage)

  • Brass tooth grommets, spaced 18" apart on all sides

  • IncrediSeal heat sealed hems standard on ArmorMesh, VCM9X12 and VCP1800