Stadium Seat Covers

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CoverSports Stadium Seat Covers are multiple purpose:

  • Block spectators from sitting in unassigned seats
  • Enhance the look of your stadium by adding color, texture, and even graphics
  • Huge sponsorship and branding opportunity!
  • Provide appearance of a fuller house by covering unused seats
  • Redirect crowds away from closed sections of seating
  • Allows for adjusting seat capacity on event-by-event basis

ArmorMesh Construction
These seat covers are constructed from the heaviest, most durable, longest-lasting mesh fabric on the market. The mesh allows water to pass through, eliminating the risk of damage from the weight of standing water, while still looking like solid fabric from a distance.

  • 24″ grommet spacing around the perimeter
  • Made to your dimensions
  • Printable with graphics to display your team or sponsor’s logo
  • Made in our Philadelphia factory
  • Available in 13 colors
  • 75% opacity
  • 14 oz. extrusion coated vinyl polyester mesh
  • 5-year warranty

Stadium Seat Covers are warranted for 5 years against manufacturing defects.

IncrediSeal from CoverSports

IncrediSeal™ offers a new standard of excellence on ArmorMesh products.

  • All sewing and stitching eliminated = zero possibility of thread breaks resulting in open seams or hems
  • ‘Clean’ look – lays flat, no pleats, no black webbing, no stitches
  • Manufactured with 21st century technology
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  • 24" grommet spacing

  • Printable with your graphics

  • Custom dimensions -- made to fit your stadium

  • Made in Philadelphia

  • Display team or sponsors brands

  • Allows water to pass through

  • 5 year warranty

  • TuffPrint printing lasts as long as the fabric