FieldSaver® Infield Skin Tarps / Baseline Tarps

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7-10 business days

Designed to manage moisture levels on infield skin (dirt areas)

  • Made in sections with perimeter handles for easier movement
  • Made from the same workhorse fabric used in full field covers
  • Standard sizes for baseball and little league available for quick shipment
  • Two-piece arched section (baseball and little league)
  • One-piece arched cover (softball)
  • Baseline tarps (6′ x 90′ or 6′ x 60′)

Skin Tarp: 2-year pro-rated warranty.

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  • 6oz. Reinforced Polyethylene
  • Silver/White
  • Grommets at 10'-12' intervals
  • Pull handles with plastic grip (easier to grip, easier to handle)