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Protect Your Floor with GymGuard Gym​ ​Floor​ ​Tarps​ ​Covers​ Plus

Extend the value and life of your floor with the help of a gym​ ​floor​ ​tarp​ ​cover​. Durable gym floor cover protection PLUS a unique raised pattern provides more than 2 times the slip resistance* of standard GymGuard surfaces. Our Plus-style tarp covers can help you avoid a slip or injury and have two different weights to choose from.  Like our standard fabrics, the GymGuard Plus comes in 10′ wide sections and are made to the length you need.  All GymGuard accessories can be used with the Plus fabric, including the Mobile Storage Racks, Power Winder and Tape.

● Advanced slip resistance = enhanced level of safety.
● Available in Tan and dark gray colors
● 32 oz. and 27 oz. weights
* Contact us for test results.
Place your order today to get your GymGuard® Plus Gym Floor cover. Or if you are looking for printable gym floor cover check out our customizable floor covers.

GymGuard Floor Covers have full warranty against fabric and manufacturer’s defects.

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32 and 27 oz. Plug
  • GymGuard<sup>®</sup> Plus Gym Floor Covers and Tarps - Tan Swatch


  • GymGuard<sup>®</sup> Plus Gym Floor Covers and Tarps - Dark Gray Swatch

    Dark Gray

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