GymGuard® Brush Assembly

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2 business days if ordered alone/10 business days if ordered with floor covers

​Keeping Floors Pristine with a GymGuard Gym Floor Cover​ ​Self​ ​Cleaning​ ​Brush

Whenever you use a gym floor cover, stop tediously sweeping and save time cleaning your floor covers after every use with our gym floor cover​ ​cleaning​ ​brush.​ ​Use alongside the GymGuard® Gym Floor Cover Mobile Storage Racks and keep your floor covers pristine!

This brush assembly easily attaches to the rack and sweeps each 10′ section clean while winding up. The durable nylon bristles are contained in a sturdy steel housing.  If you want to clean the cover of debris after an event, start the winding process by placing the GymGuard fabric under the brush head first and then onto the roller.

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