Gym Divider Curtains – Fabric Only

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Gym Divider Curtains provide an easy and economical solution to divide your gym space for multiple activities. Our walk-draw style divider curtains hang from a track allowing for easy partitioning of your gymnasium or basketball court. Available in solid vinyl or with mesh top netting (no additional cost) for added airflow throughout your space.

Gym curtains and dividers are $1.05 per square foot; cost will vary depending on size.

CoverSports only provides the fabric curtain, ready for installation on existing hardware. The hardware required for mounting to a facility is not sold here.

  • Constructed of fire-retardant vinyl-coated polyester mesh to allow air flow, or solid vinyl for privacy

  • Available with mesh top (white or gray) and 18 oz. solid vinyl bottom, at no additional cost

  • Walk-draw style

  • Weighted bottom hem

  • Made to your specifications in our manufacturing plant