FieldSaver® Golf Green Covers

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Get​ ​Your​ ​Golf​ ​Course​ ​Greens​ ​Cover​ and Save Your Turf During Winter

Want to keep your putting green lush and soft during the harsh winter months? Grab a FieldSaver® Golf​ ​Green Cover​ ​to help maintain your turf against snow, ice, frost or undesired animal activity. With features such as 100% woven polypropylene custom sizing available, CoverSports has the golf​ ​green​ ​covers​ ​you can rely on.  Come Spring time, our golf green covers reveal a lush green that lasts the whole season instead of a patchy, dry golf course. Allow your members and other players to start their golf trips as early as possible and get an edge on your competing courses, with spring greening for earlier season openings!

Where’s The Proof?

PennState did a study on the use of CoverSports golf​ ​course​ ​greens​ ​covers​ and found:
● 10.5% higher turf temperature in January
● 60% better color
● 78% higher growth yield for Spring

Promote Growth & Maintain Your Golf Course With A​ ​Winter​ ​Golf​ ​Green​ ​Cover

With our golf​ ​green​ ​covers,​ ​the soil on your putting green retains heat and moisture to keep grass warm during colder months. As this happens, the covers allow light to pass through, resulting in your golf course being greener on the other side when Spring rolls around!  Open your golf course earlier and start earning revenue faster with the FieldSaver® Golf Green Cover.
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FieldSaver® Winter Turf Blankets/Growth Covers have an 8-year limited warranty.

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  • The industry’s best strength and durability

  • Proven by experts in the field

  • 3 oz., 100% woven polypropylene

  • 6-ply, double-stitched hems

  • 90% light pass-through

  • Brass spur grommets spaced 5’ apart