FenceMate® Baseball Windscreens

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CoverSports​ ​baseball​ ​windscreens​ are the best way to cover the chain link fence of your baseball field. They block wind disturbances in the outfield or near the dugout, protect against harmful UV rays, increase focus and visibility, cut down on distractions, and provide your players with privacy a normal chain link fence cannot.

Sizes: Standard heights: 6’ – 9’ (custom available)

Your windscreen will be custom made to your height, length, materials, colors, and printing specifications.


Windscreen products are warranted pro-rated completely against manufacturing defects.

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Choice of Durable Materials and Fabrics

Our FenceMate windscreen line is manufactured from the toughest fabrics and custom made to your height and length specifications. Our baseball windscreens include brass tooth grommets, and Incrediseal heat-sealed hems. Choose from the following printable fabrics:


The heaviest, most durable, longest-lasting custom mesh fence covering on the market.

  • 6.5 times more durable against abrasion than the standard mesh windscreens
  • 14oz. extrusion coated vinyl polyester mesh
  • Weave opening: 75% privacy/shade
  • Available in 13 colors
  • 5-year warranty

Classic Mesh

Classic Mesh fence windscreens are an economical windscreen option perfect for any fence.

  • 8 oz. vinyl coated polyester mesh
  • Weave opening: 84% privacy/shade
  • Available in 16 colors
  • 3-year warranty


  • 18 oz. solid vinyl
  • No weave opening: 100% privacy/shade
  • Available in 14 colors
  • 4-year warranty

Note: We also have a variety of non-printable baseball windscreen fabrics available with black binding/stitched hems. From 80-96% privacy/shade guaranteed.

Fabric Cost: The cost of our custom mesh windscreens is based on the size of the screen and can be customized to fit your exact needs. Price per square foot ranges from $0.57-$0.75 (which doesn’t include printing) and cost varies depending on screen height and length. For example, a 6’x50′ custom fence screen section starts at $171.00.

Brand your Ballpark with TuffPrintTM Custom Printed Windscreen

Promote your team’s brand, achievements, and sponsors with a custom printed windscreen. Your windscreen will be a large and highly visible surface. Adding graphics to it can transform any baseball facility and immediately add an air of professionalism and sophistication.

CoverSports has an in-house graphics department that can help you create an impactful design. Interested in seeing what a TuffPrint printed windscreen might look like? Give us a call and ask about a proof — we can put together a concept for you.

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IncrediSeal from CoverSports

IncrediSealTM a new standard of excellence on ArmorMesh, VCM9X12 and VCP1800.

  • All sewing and stitching eliminated = zero possibility of thread breaks resulting in open seams or hems
  • ‘Clean’ look – lays flat, no pleats, no black webbing, no stitches
  • Manufactured with 21st century technology
  • Maximum UV protection

  • 10 styles to choose from with weave openings from 75% to 100% complete blockage – meets all privacy, wind and background needs

  • Standard heights: 6' and 9' (custom available), finished to any length

  • Multiple colors to match your team’s

  • Center lacing lip is standard for screens higher than 6' (extra row of grommets prevents wind damage)

  • Brass tooth grommets, spaced 18" apart on all sides

  • IncrediSeal heat sealed hems standard on ArmorMesh, VCM9X12 and VCP1800