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Entertain fans during long delays of game!

Before the Full Infield Slip N Slide, the only thing that would clear a ballpark of fans faster than a rain delay was a blown save. Now, with our FieldSaver® Full Infield Slip N Slide, you will have the capacity to keep an entire stadium full of fans riveted throughout delays. Players will also stay warmed up and ready for continued action while they entertain attendees with coordinated slides and distance competitions.

Increase Ballpark Revenue

With such a tempting amusement on the field, fans will wish to participate. When they do, your ballpark will be able to recoup income lost due to the weather by arresting and fining fans for disorderly conduct. And who doesn’t enjoy a good chase around the ballpark? Well with a Full Infield Slip N Slide, field invasions are more entertaining than ever before.

You’ve seen us on TV

You may have seen our product on CBS, Fox Sports, or ESPN. We’ve also been featured on a variety of websites, including Deadspin and Reddit.

Don’t take our word for it, though. One shirtless Philadelphia resident had this to say after his arrest for defiant trespass: “In terms of speed, slide distance, and comfort – this slip and slide can’t be beat!”


Full Infield Cover: 2-year pro-rated warranty.

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  • Speedskin™ technology

    Sharkskin inspired Speedskin™ technology reduces drag and results in longer slides. Covered in tiny dermal denticles, our Fieldsaver® Infield Slip N Slide will cause players, fugitives, and police to glide more effortlessly than ever before over the surface of your ballpark.

  • Extreme durability

    Available in 6, 8 or 10 oz fabric weights. For those who anticipate cleated players or violent arrests of field invaders, our top of the line 10 oz Slip N Slide is formulated to stand up to the worst abuse. Time and time again.

  • Sizes for any venue

    Whether you simply need a Slip N Slide for you and 400 of your closest friends and family, or you're looking to entertain a stadium of 40,000, we have a size for you. Pick our 90' x 90' option for your backyard, or our 170' x 170' for professional venues,