Football Field Covers, Sideline Tarps, Mats & Protectors

Football ​Field ​Protection ​You ​Can ​Count ​On

At CoverSports we understand the importance of protecting your field and sidelines from the elements and from heavy foot traffic.  ​It’s ​important ​to ​keep ​the ​playing ​field ​in ​the ​best ​condition ​it ​can ​be ​for ​players ​and ​coaches ​all year ​round! ​Whether ​your ​field ​is ​needing ​coverage ​for ​game ​day, ​in between games, performances, ​or ​ceremonies, ​we ​provide ​top of ​the ​line ​protection ​for ​your ​football ​field, ​so ​all ​attention ​can ​go ​to ​winning ​the ​big ​game.

To keep the elements at bay we offer a wide variety of football field sideline  covers, tarps, mats and protectors in an array of sizes and fabrics.

Customize ​Your ​Coverage with ​the ​Right ​Football ​Field ​Protectors

Our football field sideline mats & covers are also customizable.  Protect the field while highlighting your team name, logo or sponsor.  Choose ​from ​a ​selection ​of ​materials, ​colors, ​and ​durability ​to ​find ​the ​best ​football ​field protection ​to ​fit ​the ​needs ​of ​your ​arena!

The ​benefits ​of ​our ​football ​field ​cover ​products ​speak ​for ​themselves:
● Reduced ​maintenance ​- ​spend ​less ​time ​maintaining ​the ​field ​and ​more ​time ​playing ​on ​it
● Cost ​effective ​- ​keep ​the ​football ​field ​looking ​pristine ​and ​your ​pockets, ​full
● Warranty ​Coverage ​

Maintain ​Your ​Football ​Field ​No ​Matter ​the ​Season

Whether ​in ​or ​out ​of ​season, ​CoverSports ​has ​a ​variety ​of ​options ​to ​reduce ​the ​wear-and-tear ​on ​the ​field:
● For ​off ​season ​coverage, ​our winter ​growth ​covers ​and ​turf ​blankets ​will ​provide ​a ​shield ​against ​the harsh ​winter ​weather, ​while ​simultaneously ​promoting ​faster ​growth ​in ​the ​spring! ​
● While ​in ​season, ​avoid ​long ​and ​costly ​repairs ​from ​rain ​damage ​by ​investing ​in football ​field ​covers and ​tarps.

● ​Be ​sure ​not ​to ​forget ​the ​sidelines ​where ​foot ​traffic ​during ​game ​day ​is ​heavy, ​and ​browse our ​selection ​of ​customizable ArmorMesh ​sideline ​tarps!

● For ​spring ​events like ​graduations, ​use ​our ​stadium turf ​covers ​and ​protectors ​to ​keep ​your ​field ​in ​fantastic ​shape.
● Use ​accessories ​like field ​cover ​rollers ​and ​roller ​storage covers ​to ​easily ​set ​up ​and ​store ​your field ​cover.

For ​a ​free ​field ​cover ​product ​quote contact ​CoverSports ​today!