Baseball & Softball Field Covers, Tarps & Protectors

Keep your baseball or softball field protected during the high-wear of the season, as well as the off-season. Whether you’re protecting your turf from rain or a one-time event, our full protection field tarps have you covered all year long. We value quality playing surfaces because we know your baseball field is your team’s home. Provide them the best conditions to play on, and a beautiful athletic venue for your spectators. With custom options, you can choose to display your team name and logo.


Our infield baseball field covers and protectors come in a variety of sizes and fabrics to fit all fields. Protect your field from weather and events. Durable, weighted tarps with reinforced and grommeted edges preserve your high-wear infield turf.

Pitching Mound & Home Plate

We make custom size baseball and softball coverings to fit every section of your field, including protectors for your pitching mound and home plate. With rain tarps, give your team better playing conditions and enhance the appearance of your venue.

Rollers, Storage & Accessories

We have infield rollers for every size field—from little league to major league. At the first sign of bad weather, our rollers make it easy to cover the field as quickly as possible, with minimal labor. And get back to playing ball just as easily.