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Gym Floor Cover Systems

Gymnasium floors are a big investment—keeping them protected is a must. Preserve the appearance of your gym floors with durable, high-quality covers. Whenever your gym serves as a multi-purpose room, floor covers protect them from damage. Prevent scratches from tables and chairs, scuffs from shoes, and general wear and tear from events. Gym floor covers extend your floor’s value, keeping it looking as it should for longer. CoverSports is the trusted choice for protective coverings for nearly 150 years.

Fence Covers & Wind and Privacy Screens for Sports & Construction

Portable & Temporary Outfield Baseball & Softball Fences

Baseball & Softball Field Covers, Tarps & Protectors

Padding - Indoor Gym Wall Mats, Padding, & Protection

Padding – Outdoor Padding for Backstops, Goal Posts & Fences

Sports Field Maintenance Products for Baseball, Softball & Football

Football Field Covers, Sideline Tarps, Mats & Protectors

Fence Top Protection, Padding & Covers

Gym Divider Curtains

Track & Jump Pit Covers, Protectors & Tarps

Gymnastics Landing, Tumbling & Martial Arts Mats

Tennis Court Covers, Tarps & Accessories


Banners - Custom Vinyl and Mesh Banners

Tennis Court Divider Netting and Backdrop Curtains

Batting Cage Backdrop Protector