What You Need To Check On Your Baseball Field Before Every Game

Before the umpire shouts, “Play ball!” it’s a field manager’s job to make sure the baseball field is in the best possible playing condition for the scheduled game time. This goes far beyond the aesthetics of repainting the foul lines and the hitter’s circles. Proper pre-game baseball field maintenance is a detailed process that involves making sure the field is truly safe for play so that athletes are protected when they’re putting it all on the line.

For field managers, it’s important to get into a solid routine with pre-game field maintenance so that it becomes second nature. The checklist that follows will help ensure that all important areas of baseball field care are addressed before each and every game:

The importance of pre-game field maintenance cannot be minimized. Practice your routine, and get it down like clockwork, so you can improve each time and create the safest possible playing conditions for the athletes.

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