Raise Money for Little Leagues with Sponsorship Banners

Fundraising Ideas for Little Leagues That Will Help Achieve Nicer-Looking Fields and Bigger Budgets

Little League associations are often run by parents that have a great deal of energy and interest but little knowledge about how to fundraise for their child’s teams.  The process can feel intimidating which may keep some parents from getting involved.  Fundraising, however, is a critical part of keeping little league associations running – field maintenance and equipment, uniforms, awards, etc.  CoverSports talked to Andrew Lukens, Director of Softball, Drexel Hill Little League (DHLL) , of Drexel Hill, PA, for some ideas about how to make this process more approachable and successful.  He led his sponsorship committee to raise almost $30,000 this year!  So he knows a thing or two about fundraising through sponsorships.

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Form a sponsorship committee and call a meeting.  The sponsorship committee will be responsible for encouraging parents and other volunteers to network with friends, family members, neighbors and colleagues to generate participation.  Discuss the benefits of promoting a business in association with helping youth athletics.  Does your brother have a landscaping business?  Does your aunt work at the local coffee shop?  Brainstorm all your contacts and encourage them to do the same.  No business is too big or too small to approach – so you want to try franchises like McDonald’s or Dairy Queen, as well as your local hardware store.

Create a sponsorship package to present to prospective (and recurring) sponsors.  Andrew believes that sponsorships involving custom banners are the best type to offer because they are affordable and simple to coordinate.   Purchase price of banners range from $75 – $100, depending on size.

Drexel Hill Little League offers three levels of participation:

Grand Slam – $2,500 includes:

The Grand Slam sponsorship is good for one year, but the sponsor can renew at a lower rate for the next 2 years (3 years is the expected life of the banner).

Home Run – For $350.00 for first year, sponsor receives a 3’x8’ custom banner, with design of their choice, for one field.  Renewal is $200 for the next two years (3 years is expected life of the banner).

Associate – For $175.00, sponsor can have their name on a shared 3’x8’ banner, typically with 6-8 sponsors.  This is popular for families to show spirit for their loved ones, and businesses that want to participate but have a very small budget.  Renewal is $200 for the next two years (3 years is expected life of the banner).

All sponsors can include “proud sponsor of DHLL” on any of their own advertising.

Hit the pavement and secure sponsorships! Andrew recommends visiting businesses in person for the initial contact and first year.  Email is a good way to communicate for following up and securing recurring sponsorships.

Have banners created. Participating vendors/businesses would ideally provide logo artwork in a high resolution file such as pdf or eps.  The banners typically include a logo and address, phone, website, etc.  If the business does not have a logo, artwork can be created.  CoverSports can create artwork for a minimal fee.  Proofs should always be provided for approval.  Then see your field come to life with images that represent your community!

Additional ideas for fundraising, discounts and community involvement

So don’t let your child or community miss out on all the benefits that fundraising has to offer – a healthier budget for the necessary expenses, a more professional looking field, and a greater sense of community.  Contact us with questions about how to get started with your banner sponsorship program.

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  • Hannah Coleman says:

    I am wanting to start a fundraiser for my sports teams to sale sponsorship banners. Example: a football player could sale a banner to the donut shop, to advertise their business in our stadium. Do you guys supply the fundraising collection sheets and other needed materials?

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