Little League Field Safety Checklist

In Little League Baseball, there’s nothing more important than the safety of the players. It’s the job of the coaches, field managers and volunteers to make sure they’ve done everything they can to create a safe playing environment for the young athletes, and proper field maintenance plays a huge role in making this a reality. A poorly maintained baseball field can pose a number of hazards and injury risks for players, putting children in harm’s way.

That’s why it’s a good idea for everyone involved in field maintenance (e.g. grounds crew, coaches, volunteers, etc.) to have access to a comprehensive safety checklist that is used before every game day and practice to ensure a safe, quality playing environment for all involved.

The following is a detailed Little League field safety checklist that you can use to perform a thorough walkthrough of your field before each practice or game.

Start Outside the Playing Area

Field maintenance actually begins outside the playing field. There are many potential hazards for players and fans alike lurking outside those white lines. Here are a few areas of concern you should pay attention to:


Inspect the Infield

The infield is where the majority of play occurs in Little League Baseball. From the pitcher’s mound to the baselines to the batter’s box, there are many areas that see a lot of activity, so it’s important to make sure the infield is in good repair. Here are some essentials to look for:

Walk the Outfield

Remember, maintaining a safe field requires consistency. Don’t cut corners. Follow this checklist before each practice and game to keep your Little League players safe.

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