Indoor Wall Padding Installation Tips

When you are purchasing indoor wall pads for your gymnasium or recreation center, you might want to consider these tips and tricks from an expert for measuring and installing.

Installing indoor wall mats can be fairly simple if the job is straightforward.  But the project can get tricky when cutouts are involved.

Example of preparing for a cutout with furring strips

Although you may account for the cutouts in your measurements, during installation, the pads tend to “grow”.  Growth is a term used for when pads ultimately take up more space than originally measured because foam may interfere with the pads completely ‘butting’ up together and/or if pads are even 1/10″ larger than ordered, and there are multiple pads, this additional space will add up.  When growth occurs, cutouts may not match up.  One installer with 30 years of experience does their cutouts on the job to avoid this issue. They also measure for the cut pad at the closest edge of the wall (to the cutout), but oftentimes it has to be cut again because of growth.  On-site maintenance staff may not equipped to cut and re-staple the pads, which is why professional installers are often recommended. Otherwise, a customer might wait 2-3 more weeks for another pad to be made for the pads to fit and cutouts to match up.

1. Factors to consider when measuring for wall padding:

2. Factors to consider when measuring for cutouts:

When ordering the wall pads you need to specify how they will be installed.  There are three common methods of installation – furring strips, Z-clips and Tapcon screws.

Wall pad attached to furring strip

One installer recommends furring strips for the nicest install:

Using Z-clips is another popular installation method:

Enviro Wall Padding Installation

Z-clip attachment to pad

When using Tapcon screws to install a wall pad:

Purchasing indoor wall mats is a big investment, so it is best to get the most accurate measurements and install it properly (so they will look like this!)!

Enviro Wall Padding

Completed Wall Padding Installation

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