How Covering Your Sidelines Keeps Your Football Field in Better Shape

Football season is gearing up for kickoff all across the country, and as the athletes and coaches make all the necessary last-minute adjustments in anticipation of game day, so too are the groundskeepers. It’s the two-minute warning for the groundskeeping crew as they are charged with the incredibly important task of making sure the field looks great and is safe for play. That doesn’t include just the field between the white lines — it also includes the sidelines.

Sure, the most important game action takes place in bounds on the playing field. But groundskeepers can’t underestimate the importance of keeping the field’s sidelines in good condition. The sidelines aren’t just a place for coaches and athletes to take in the on-the-field action. They are hubs of activity. Athletes use the sidelines to warm up, and the whole team marches up and down the sidelines as the action moves down the field. And let’s not forget that the game often spills into the sidelines at full speed.

Of course, you can’t overlook the cheerleaders either, a sideline staple. Most cheerleading tends to take place on the sidelines, and while it might not be the main attraction on game day, cheerleading is a sport and the athletes do require safe conditions to perform their duties properly and without injury.

With so much activity taking place on the sidelines, the wear and tear that takes place off the field can be extensive. That’s why it’s so important that the field’s maintenance team takes the necessary steps to keep the sidelines in safe condition for everyone.

Maintenance Tips

Inspect the Sidelines
Thorough field inspections should be a part of any football field maintenance program. During your inspections, make sure you also closely assess the condition of the sidelines. Ensure that the surface is smooth and level, and mark any worn-out, dry, or very wet areas that need to be addressed.

Mow and Water Your Grass Sidelines
If your football field has grassy sidelines, make sure they get mowed on a regular schedule along with the rest of the field. Never cut off more than one-third of the grass’s length as this can cause damaging effects. A routine mowing schedule can keep your sidelines healthy and looking their best.

Cover Your Sidelines

While routine field inspections, cleaning, mowing and watering are all important parts of keeping your field’s sidelines in good condition, perhaps the best thing you can do to protect your sidelines is to simply cover them up.

Football sideline tarps offer the perfect way to protect your sideline turf against the heavy traffic they experience all season long. A high-quality tarp will be able to withstand the punishment from cleats, equipment, cheerleaders … you name it.

The best part? Sideline tarps can be more than just functional. They can enhance the look of your field. You can design your sideline tarp to include your team’s name and logo, making it a great way to customize your field and to showcase your team pride.

Tips for Choosing a Sideline Tarp

Sideline tarps come in all types. Here are a few quick tips to keep in mind when choosing tarps for your football field.

Football season is almost here. Are your sidelines ready?

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