CoverSports has Reopened with Thorough Precautionary Measures

As our city (and the rest of the country) slowly and carefully resumes normal activity, CoverSports also is returning to normal operations, albeit with many new precautionary measures. Once again our sales staff is available to assist, either from the office or from home. Printing operations are in full swing, and, manufacturing is fully up and running.covid precautionary barriers

Integral to our ability to reopen is a complete reorganization of our manufacturing facility. Plexiglass shields or plastic dividers have been installed around all workstations. Walkways have been designated and cordoned off from manufacturing spaces. Measuring, cutting, folding, and shipping areas have all been designated and separated, as have staff working in each. Customer pickups are still available, but will be performed curbside instead of within our facility.

Safety is critical to our continued ability to do business, and as a result CoverSports is taking as many precautions as possible for both our own benefit and that of our customers. Among other things, those precautions include:

All active employees are working voluntarily, and have all been through a mandatory training course on the risks of working during this pandemic and how to most effectively minimize them. We’re all working hard to make sure that you can feel confident when you order from CoverSports over the next few months! If you have any questions about our precautions, lead times, or available services, please give us a call at 800.445.6680.

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