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Why & When to Cover Your Ballpark or Field

When it comes to your ballpark, one thing is certain—it’s a big investment. Everything from maintenance to signage and fees add value but raise costs on an investment that’s already cost you thousands of dollars. After all, a professional-looking field can go a long way to boost team spirit and increases the allure of sponsorships.

You may not always want to keep your field covered when it’s not in use, but there are times when covering up can save you time and money.  CoverSports has years of experience in helping professional, collegiate, high school, and junior league sports organizations keep their fields in peak condition. Here are a few of our top tips for when to cover your field and what cover can best suit your needs:

Rain, Rain, Go Away

April showers may bring May flowers, but it can wreak havoc on a ballpark or football field. Investing in a quality rain cover can equip you with what you need to protect your field. A rain cover can stop precipitation from soaking into the field and turning it to mud, which would make it difficult for athletes to play even after the storm passes. Think of all the money you would lose on ticket sales and merchandise from a single, rainout game. Just one cancellation would cost more than the upfront cost of the tarp itself. A rain cover applied to the field in advance can save the (game) day.

Winter Protection and Preparation

During winter months, frost can take a toll on the lush greenery of your field. Your groundskeeping staff will likely be seeding your field to keep it growing, but to keep it healthy and green, a growth cover or winter turf blanket can be a huge help. Not only can these growth covers encourage optimal growth, but these winter turf blankets can also protect your dormant field from foot traffic (human, animals, geese, and other critters) and disrupting its cycle.  By the time spring rolls around, your field will look like it never even saw winter’s chill!

Protection During Events

Winter weather isn’t the only occasion that merits extra protection from foot traffic. Non-sporting events – such as concerts and other live activities – can bring large crowds, heavy equipment, and performers to your field. A stadium turf protector can guard against digs from sound equipment, chairs, sets, or other items that might otherwise cause damage to your turf.

Batter Up!

Every team needs to practice, but sometimes that practice can take a toll on the field and surrounding areas. During batting practice, infield tarps can be used to protect the infield from cleats and the ball hitting the field during rough-and-tumble practice sessions.

At CoverSports, our FieldSaver tarps and covers are the perfect accessory to lengthen the life of your grass—and save you money in the long run. We’ve got you covered—literally.

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