Gym Wall Padding

How to Measure for Gym Wall Padding

Of all our products, wall padding is the one that requires the most careful measurements before manufacturing. If something like a cutout for an outlet is off by so much as a half inch, the outlet could be rendered useless. Let’s walk through how we would do that. To get started, you’ll need a measuring […]

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3 Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Gym Wall Padding

Wall padding is one of the most important safety features in any gym, but if your padding is old and worn out, it might not be providing the level of protection you think it is. Just like everything else in your gym, wall padding can wear out over time. It can get torn up, ripped, […]

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How Safe Is Your Old Gym Wall Padding?

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make your gym safer while enhancing its appearance is with the use of high-quality wall padding. Gym wall padding can be very helpful in preventing all types of injuries, including broken bones and head injuries when the action spills off the court and athletes slam into […]

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