A Guide to Baseball Field Dimensions

When it comes to designing your baseball field, it’s important to make sure the layout and dimensions match the level of play the field is being used for (e.g. a Little League field will have different dimensions than a major league field). This helps ensure unbiased, consistent play across fields for athletes, keeping the game fair for all teams.

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Before discussing how to measure your baseball diamond, there are a few baseball-specific terms to understand when talking about how to measure your field.  Browse over the short glossary below for an initial reference:

Baseball Field Glossary

How to Properly Measure a Baseball Diamond

For all measurements listed, the starting point is the back of home plate (the white part, not the black rubber). That’s the pointed part that goes toward the catcher and backstop. Here’s how to measure baselines:

Another key measurement we will discuss is the infield arc radius. This is measured from the center of the front edge of the pitching rubber toward the outfield grass to the outer edge of the infield dirt.

Now that you know how to measure your field, let’s take a look at the proper dimensions for different levels of play:

Pinto Baseball Field Dimensions


Little League Baseball Field Dimensions

Bronco Baseball Field Dimensions


Pony Baseball Field Dimensions

High School, College, and Pro Baseball Field Dimensions

If you don’t have a permanent fence on your baseball field or if you need to repurpose an existing baseball field to fit the standard dimensions for different levels of play, temporary baseball fences are an excellent solution. The best portable baseball fences have a yellow home run marker, are easy to set up and take down as needed, and durable.

Now you have all the measurements you need to build your own field of dreams. While distance changes at each level, the importance of maintaining your field, keeping it in good, safe condition never varies — so always make field maintenance a priority. Now, let’s play ball!

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  • Josh Weimert says:

    Between pinto and little league base lines stay the same but distance between home and second change by 15’. Is it not square any mor or am I missing something

    • Charlie Dwyer says:

      No, you’re completely right. All of the other dimensions there are correct, but the home to second distance needs to be the same between the two sizes. I’ve corrected that, really appreciate you pointing out our error.

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