A Guide To Softball Field Dimensions

No two softball fields are exactly alike. The type of grass could be different from one field to another.  The length of the foul lines could vary slightly between fields. However, when it comes to official softball fields used in high school and college play — there are specific field measurements set forth in the official rules of the International Softball Federation that must be met in order for a field to be used in a regulation game. These predefined dimensions help ensure a consistent, fair playing experience across all fields.

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When reviewing the measurements below, keep in mind that the starting point is the back of home plate — the white part of the plate pointing at the catcher and the backstop.

If you’re designing or modifying a softball field for high school or college women’s fast-pitch play, these are the official International Softball Federation field sizes to adhere to:

When designing your softball field, remember to make field maintenance a priority. By investing in softball field maintenance products like field covers, fence covers and fence top protection, you can preserve your field and keep it looking great and safe for players for years to come!

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  • Dave kemp says:

    Can the pitching mound be elevated above home plate. Just wondering. We played at Keystone in ohio. The mound is definitely at least 8 inches above. Any comments. Thanx

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