Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Dangers of a Dirty Gym Floor

When dirt collects on a gym floor, it dulls and marks up the surface, shortening the lifetime of your floor and causing you to get less out of your huge investment. But a dirty gym floor doesn’t just look bad, it’s also hazardous for anyone using it. A floor covered with dust, dirt, and debris […]

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Preserve Your Running Surface Creating Rules For Your Track

Preserving the integrity of your running track is hard work. It involves regular cleaning of loose dirt and debris, strategic use of protective track covers to minimize wear and tear, routine inspections, ongoing repairs, and detailed scheduling and record keeping to monitor your maintenance efforts. Unfortunately, all of your hard work can be undone in […]

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How Covering Your Sidelines Keeps Your Football Field in Better Shape

Football season is gearing up for kickoff all across the country, and as the athletes and coaches make all the necessary last-minute adjustments in anticipation of game day, so too are the groundskeepers. It’s the two-minute warning for the groundskeeping crew as they are charged with the incredibly important task of making sure the field […]

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