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Nissen EnviroSafe® Gym Products

Our Foam

Our exclusive EnviroSafe Gym mat and padding collection is made of a specialized “green” foam product that is safe for your gymnasts, players and for the environment.

The EnviroSafe® Foam Competitive Advantage

Urethane/Poly Foams
100% Toxin-FreeYESNo
Zero VOC's or Off GasYESNo
Hypo allergenicYESNo
Fire Retardant Calif 117 T.B.YESNo
Mold and Mildew ProofYESNo
100% RecyclableYESNo
No Leachable ChemicalsYESNo
2" Med-Firm EnviroSafe
Folding Mat
Number of Plastic
Bottles Used
4' x 6'403
4' x 8'537
5' x 10'839
6' x 12'1208
This four-part recycling process demonstrates how EnviroSafe foam is made.

This four-part recycling process demonstrates how EnviroSafe foam is made.


  • Made from 60% recycled and 40% virgin polyester fiber
  • Excellent cushion resistance
  • Varying degrees of firmness
  • Safer for environment and end user compared to Urethane, Poly or Rebond foams
  • Patented foam technology licensed exclusively to CoverSports by Indratech
  • Our wall padding line contributes to LEED credit score. If your construction project seeks LEED certification for green building, EnviroSafe wall padding can help fulfill checklist items and earn points. The LEED rating system was established by U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) to promote buildings that are environmentally responsible places to live and work.


Foam TypeDescription
2” Soft IFD 100Soft foam for low impact use, providing low shock absorption.
1 ½” Extra-Firm1.7 lb density offers firm, lightweight shock-absorption for top recoil. Used for high impact activities.
2” Medium-Firm4.5 density semi-soft foam provides durability and safety for medium impact activities.
2 ½” Extra-Firm/Soft ComboExtra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD 100 foam provides a firm landing surface with a soft cushion underneath to prevent bottoming out.
2", 3”, 4”, 8” or 12” Classic Soft IFD 50Super soft foam provides added support and cushioning. Helps encourage practice.
5” or 8” Extra-Firm/Soft Combo1 ½” Extra-Firm foam is laminated to Classic Soft IFD 50 foam to help gymnasts stick their
landings while providing significant shock absorption.

DensityLbs. per cubic foot. (Example: 1.7 lb. density foam means 1 cubic foot weights 1.7 lbs.
IFDIndention Force Deflection, is a measurement of foam firmness and is independent of foam
density. IFD is measured by indenting (compressing) a foam sample to 25% of its original
height. The amount of force in lbs. required is its IFD measurement. The more force required,
the firmer the foam. IFDs usually range from 10 IFD (super soft) to 100 IFD (very firm).
Phthalate-freeEnviroSafe products do not contain phthalates – chemical plasticizers that are often used to soften plastics. Phthalates are not environmentally friendly.


Sport/ApplicationRecommended Foam TypeDescription
Gymnastics - Beginner2” Soft IFD 100Provides soft cushioning for low impact activities.
Ideal for teaching basic gym exercises with young children. Provides low shock absorption.
2 ½” Extra-Firm/Soft Combo
(cross-link type/Soft)
Provides more density and less “sinking” than Soft IFD 100. Extra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD 100. Provides firm
landing and prevents bottoming out.
4”, 8” or 12” Soft IFD 50
(Safety Landing Mats)
Provides added support and significant cushioning for falls and landings during practice.
Gymnastics - Intermediate2” Medium-Firm (Bonded type)6.0 lb density semi-firm foam provides semi-firm cushioning for medium impact activities.
2.5” Extra-Firm/Soft Combo
(Cross-link type/Soft)
Extra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD 100. Provides semi-soft cushioning, firm landing and stable shock absorption for
medium impact activities. Prevents bottoming out.
Gymnastics - Advanced1 3/8” Extra-Firm (Cross-link type)1.7 lb density offers firm, lightweight shock absorption for top recoil. Provides stable landing surface that won’t bottom out. 1.5' Extra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD100 foam. Ideal for high-impact activities and tumbling. Provides significant
shock-absorption for gymnasts sticking landings from vault, bars, and balance beam routines.
5” or 8” Extra-Firm/Soft Combo
(Cross-link type/Soft)
(Competition Landing Mats)
Gymnastics - Instructor Mats2.5” Extra-Firm-Soft Combo
(Cross-link type/Soft)
Extra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD 100. Ideal for beginners and for new skill development. Prevents bottoming out so gymnasts of all ages and skill sets can use the mat with confidence.
Martial Arts1 3/8” Extra-Firm (Cross-link type)1.7 lb density provides firm footing and “street conditions”, no sinking.
2.5" Extra-Firm/Soft Combo
(Cross-link type/Soft)
Extra-firm foam laminated to Soft IFD 100. Provides firm footing with additional cushion for fall absorption.
Cheerleading1 3/8" Extra-Firm (Cross-link type)1.7 lb density provides stable landing surface and firm footing for high-impact activities. Won’t bottom out.
2” Medium-Firm (Bonded type)4.5 lb density semi-soft foam provides a little more soft cushioning than Extra-Firm, for medium impact activities.
4", 8" or 12" Soft IFD 50
(Safety Landing Mats)
Provides significant cushioning for landings at the end of
tumble tracks.
Home Exercise Mat2” Soft IFD 100Provides soft cushioning, comfort and moderate support for low impact, home exercise activities.
Gymnasium Wall Padding2” Medium-Firm (Bonded type)
2” Soft IFD 100
4.5 lb density foam meets ASTM F2440 for impact resistance. More cushion than Medium-Firm, less impact resistance and shock absorption.
2” Medium-Firm (Bonded type) FR
2" Classic Soft IFD 50
Meets ASTM E-84-08a for flame retardant. Provides extra softness and cushioning for protection against injuries.

pg20fabriccoveringOur Fabric Coverings

Nissen EnviroSafe mat and wall padding fabrics are tough!
Our 18 oz./sq. yd. fabrics are coated in one homogeneous layer of PVC and polyester. Other vendors use 14 oz. laminated fabrics, which tend to peel after extended use.


  • NissenPVC-coated fabrics are super tear-resistant, antibacterial, phthalate-free and have high UV and flame resistance.
  • They can take the most rugged indoor and outdoor wear.
  • All indoor mats and wall pad coverings meet fire codes – including NFPA 701, CA Fire Marshal and UL 300.
  • 18 oz./sq. yd. fabrics coated in one homogeneous layer of PVC and polyester.
  • 14 colors, see specifications


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Please note that the values above represent typical data and are subject to slight variation