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How Covering Your Sidelines Keeps Your Football Field in Better Shape

Shop Football Products Football season is gearing up for kickoff all across the country, and as the athletes and coaches make all the necessary last-minute adjustments in anticipation of game day, so too are the groundskeepers. It’s the two-minute warning for the groundskeeping crew as they are charged with the incredibly important task of making […]

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Routine Gym Maintenance Keeps Athletes Safe

Don’t look now, but summer is over and school is getting back in session. Soon, basketball and volleyball seasons will be starting up, and your gym will be the site of some epic sporting events. Already, your gym is probably starting to get used for daily P.E. classes and maybe after-school practices for the sports […]

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Protecting Your Track from Vehicle Traffic

Running tracks represent an expensive investment. They have a high installation cost, and if you want to avoid costly repairs, you need to maintain your track properly. Of course, track maintenance is about more than just cleaning the surface, repairing cracks and resurfacing worn areas. Sometimes with track maintenance, it’s the things you don’t do […]

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Year-Round Activities Make Summer Gym Maintenance a Must

School might be out for the summer, but that doesn’t mean the school’s doors stay shut all summer long. These days, school buildings are being used for a range of purposes during the summer months, from sports leagues to church events and even year-round school in some cases. This increased usage makes summer gym maintenance […]

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Is Your Football Field Ready for the Upcoming Season?

All around the country, football is in the air. From high schools to rec leagues to the pros, athletes are already starting to report to pre-season practice in preparation for the upcoming season. For athletes, coaches and fans alike, it’s an exciting time of the year. It’s a time for hard work and preparation; not […]

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The Equipment You Need for Your Summer Gym Floor Maintenance Program

A gym floor is an expensive investment, but if you take care of it properly, it’s an investment that can bring your school many years of fun and lifelong memories. While most schools understand the importance of keeping the gym floor clean every day during the school year, too many fail to have a plan […]

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Preseason Running Track Maintenance Tip: Protect Highly Trafficked Areas

Your track takes a beating. From sprinting athletes to dancing cheerleaders to everyday joggers, the typical stadium track sees a lot of traffic and gets a significant amount of wear and tear. In particular, there are certain key areas on the track that see more traffic than other areas. These spots demand extra attention and […]

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Preseason Football Field Maintenance Tip: Don’t Neglect Your Sidelines

Most conversations about football field maintenance focus on the upkeep of the field that lies between the white lines. After all, that’s where the real play takes place. That’s where athletes are giving it their all, going full speed, making the big hits and planting their feet in the turf. It only makes sense that […]

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