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Protecting Your Baseball Field All Winter Long

Winter can be a baseball field’s worst nightmare if proper precautions aren’t taken. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on the turf, and the damage can have long-term ramifications that extend into the spring playing season. Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore winter maintenance on your baseball field. The good news is that a little […]

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Understanding Your Options When Choosing A Gym Floor Cover

Gym floors represent an enormous investment for schools. Even the most modest gym floor is still costly to install and requires constant maintenance and care to remain in pristine condition. That’s why it’s so important that maintenance teams take the right precautions to protect gym floors and maximize their service life.

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Hosting an Event At Your School? Use A Gym Floor Cover

While school gyms are designed primarily to accommodate athletic activities like basketball and volleyball, the fact is that most gyms serve as multi-purpose facilities. It’s not always sporting events that are taking place on the floors of your gym. Sometimes, special assemblies, presentations or other non-athletic events are hosted in the gym, and during these […]

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3 Warning Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Old Gym Wall Padding

Wall padding is one of the most important safety features in any gym, but if your padding is old and worn out, it might not be providing the level of protection you think it is. Just like everything else in your gym, wall padding can wear out over time. It can get torn up, ripped, […]

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How Safe Is Your Old Gym Wall Padding?

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to make your gym safer while enhancing its appearance is with the use of high-quality wall padding. Gym wall padding can be very helpful in preventing all types of injuries, including broken bones and head injuries when the action spills off the court and athletes slam into […]

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Tips For Protecting Your Turf This Winter

Winter is just around the corner, and for golf course superintendents in cold climates, now is the time to start taking action to prepare your greens for the frigid season ahead. The truth is there is no offseason for golf course maintenance, and in many cases, winter is the most important time to make valuable […]

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The Dangers of a Dirty Gym Floor

A dirty gym floor doesn’t just look bad, it’s also hazardous for anyone using it. A floor covered with dust, dirt, and debris can cause athletes to slip, twist an ankle and get seriously injured in a number of different ways. Not only that, when dirt collects on a gym floor, it dulls and marks […]

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Preserve Your Running Surface Creating Rules For Your Track

Preserving the integrity of your running track is hard work. It involves regular cleaning of loose dirt and debris, strategic use of protective track covers to minimize wear and tear, routine inspections, ongoing repairs, and detailed scheduling and record keeping to monitor your maintenance efforts. Unfortunately, all of your hard work can be undone in […]

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