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Little League Field Safety Checklist

In Little League Baseball, there’s nothing more important than the safety of the players. It’s the job of the coaches, field managers and volunteers to make sure they’ve done everything they can to create a safe playing environment for the young athletes, and proper field maintenance plays a huge role in making this a reality. […]

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What You Need To Check On Your Baseball Field Before Every Game

Before the umpire shouts, “Play ball!” it’s a field manager’s job to make sure the baseball field is in the best possible playing condition for the scheduled game time. This goes far beyond the aesthetics of repainting the foul lines and the hitter’s circles. Proper pre-game maintenance is a detailed process that involves making sure […]

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5 Baseball Field Grooming Tricks Used By The Pros

Shop Baseball Products Grooming your baseball field is about much more than simple aesthetics. Sure, you want your field to look beautiful and professional, but what’s truly important is that your field is safe for play. As a grounds maintenance worker, your top concern should be the safety of the players that will be taking […]

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5 Keys To Proper Softball Field Grooming & Maintenance

As a grounds manager, it’s your job to make sure your softball field is in the safest, most playable condition possible. Proper softball field grooming is essential to keeping your field in great shape, helping reduce the risk of player injury and creating a beautiful playing environment that shows respect for the revered tradition of […]

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A Complete Pre-Game Softball Field Preparation Checklist

Shop Baseball & Softball Products Before the athletes are allowed to take the field, it’s important to make sure proper game day field maintenance has been performed. A well-groomed field that meets the Amateur Softball Association’s official rules will ensure fair, safe playing conditions, reducing the risk of injury to the players and creating a […]

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A Guide to Baseball Field Dimensions

When it comes to designing your baseball field, it’s important to make sure the layout and dimensions match the level of play the field is being used for (e.g. a Little League field will have different dimensions than a major league field). This helps ensure unbiased, consistent play across fields for athletes, keeping the game […]

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A Guide To Softball Field Dimensions

No two softball fields are exactly alike. The type of grass could be different from one field to another.  The length of the foul lines could vary slightly between fields. However, when it comes to official softball fields used in high school and college play — there are specific field measurements set forth in the […]

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5 Tips For Protecting Your Gym Floor This Winter

Winter is a tough time of year for gym floors. Not only can the drop in temperature affect the floor’s condition in a number of ways, but it also happens to be one of the busiest times of year for various school events, such as basketball games and non-sporting activities like winter dances and holiday […]

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How To Prevent Winter Damage To Your Gym Flooring

When it comes to maintaining athletic facilities during the harsh, frigid months, the conversation is typically focused on protecting baseball fields, soccer fields, football fields, and other outdoor areas exposed to the elements. However, you might not realize it, but the winter season also poses serious risks for your school’s indoor gym flooring. That’s right […]

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