Grand Slam Fencing™ – Banner Kit - cs-grandslam-banner-1
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No other product offers branding on your portable outfield fence!

The Power of Branding can help cover the cost of your Grand Slam Fencing kit. Don’t have an outfield fence to display sponsor ads? The new Banner Grand Slam Fencing kit won’t let you miss an opportunity to raise money and create an attractive, affordable outfield! The new Banner package has everything you need to set up the ultimate portable outfield fence, including printed banners for raising money through sponsorships or adding your team logo to promote team spirit.

Work with our art department to create banners that advertise your sponsors and watch your revenue soar! The Banner Grand Slam Fencing kit will transform your field from plain to exciting and functional!

  • 314' of fencing (for 200’ Home Run Distance)

    Create a portable outfield solution for a softball or little league team

  • 6 printed banners (approximately 38" x 56")

    Raise money by displaying your sponsors’ ads

  • 65 poles

    Poles at 5' intervals provide extra wind resistance and keep fence taut

  • 65 sockets and caps

    Additional ground reinforcement helps withstand the extra wind load on the fence from the banners; caps cover socket when not in use

  • Foul Pole Kit

    Clearly marks foul pole territory and provides finished look

  • Distance Banners

    Clearly marks 200' home run distance and provides finished look

  • Tape measure, auger, socket tool, cable ties

    Allows easy installation