Portable & Temporary Outfield Baseball Fences

Portable outfield fencing from CoverSports lets you turn any field into a ballpark anytime, anywhere. Whether your field is natural grass, synthetic turf, asphalt, or concrete, our temporary fencing gives you the boundaries you need – with easy set up, removal and storage! Grand Slam Fencing can be installed in the ground or above ground (no holes required!)

Our Grand Slam fencing allows even Little League teams to enjoy a professional looking fence without the headache or cost of installing one. Our wide assortment of the temporary outfield fencing options offer taut fabric resistant to wind and movement, durable poles and ground sockets, foul pole kits and distance banners. There are multiple size kits available as well as custom lengths.

And if you’re looking to brand your portable outfield fence for that extra professional touch, CoverSports delivers that option, too – complete with custom printing. Proudly display team banners, school colors, sponsorships and more.

Grand Slam Fencing is the cost-effective solution for your temporary outfield needs!