Gym Floor Cover Systems

One thing is certain: gym floors are expensive. A gym floor free of scuffs and dents is a valuable investment to your school and team. Not only does it look beautiful, but it makes your gymnasium a much safer and rentable place. Taking care of your wood gym flooring is a top priority. At CoverSports, our wide range of gym floor cover systems can give you that peace of mind. We offer everything from gym floor tarps, gym carpet tiles, runners, floor cover storage racks and tape.

Our gym floor cover tape helps to secure your floor protection, adhering it in place so that it does not lift up from the floor and accidentally trip a student or athlete.

Our gym floor tarps and mobile storage racks can easily be deployed by as few as two people to cover your entire gym floor in 30 minutes or less. Custom made from ultra-tough and durable vinyl reinforced polyester fabric, our gym floor protectors can fit whatever your needs may be. Whether your turning the basketball court into a dance floor, school assembly, or any other event that doesn’t require the squeaking of sneakers, our gym floor covers can stand up to the toughest wear and tear.

And if you’re looking for a gymnasium floor covering with a little more flair, CoverSports can custom print lettering, graphics and school colors to boost team spirit or promote sponsorships.

CoverSports is all about choice and meeting your needs. To this end we have created a short video to introduce you to GymGuard covers and help you make informed decisions. Watch the CoverSports Gym Floor Cover Systems Video now.