Field Covers, Tarps, & Protectors

Your field is your team’s home. Protect it when it’s in-play and during the off-season.  Use the Power of Branding™ to display your team name and logo, increase team spirit and the look of your facility.

Our field covers and protectors come in a wide variety of sizes and fabrics and are available to fit all field types:

  • Baseball and Softball – From pitching mound covers to an infield tarp to protect your home turf from rain and snow, we offer a variety of solutions. Weighted baseball field tarps and softball field tarps and covers add an extra layer of protection to ensure your field stays protected when not in use – keeping it pristine and safe when it’s time to play ball! Whether it’s rain, high traffic or a special event, our full protection tarps and covers can keep your baseball or softball field in peak condition year round. We make custom size coverings to fit special sections, including baseball mounds, track jump pit covers, football field sideline tarps, turf growth blankets, and more.
  • Football – Our football field sideline mats and tarps offer full or partial coverage of your stadium’s gridiron. CoverSports affords you a wide variety of options for football field covers – keeping damage from the elements at bay.
  • Golf – A flawless putting green isn’t only easy on the eyes – it’s all-important when it comes to your game. Keep your golf course pristine and green with our golf course green covers to accelerate grass growth and protect the turf during the winter.
  • Track – Track and field athletes rely on an even track to keep them injury-free. Weighted track tarps and covers and long jump sand pit protectors can help keep your track safe from damage, even from metal cleats!

Make your field a place to play—void of rain checks.