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How to Organize a School Field Day

Other than summer vacation or that final hour bell, school field days rank right up there as a favorite moment in the hearts and minds of elementary school kids everywhere. School field days are like an extended, all-day recess where kids can laugh and learn while enjoying activities outside of the classroom. Fun, inexpensive field […]

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How To Construct The Pitcher’s Mound On A Little League Baseball Field

The pitcher’s mound is often the focal point in a baseball game. After all, every play starts with a pitch. In order to ensure fair, consistent and safe play for all the participants, it’s important that the pitcher’s mound on your Little League baseball field is constructed just right. Thankfully, Little League baseball has very […]

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A Guide To Maintaining A Beautiful, Safe Little League Field

Since its founding in 1939, millions of kids have joined Little League Baseball, where they not only learn the sport of baseball but also learn the importance of teamwork, discipline, community and physical fitness. Parents also get involved in Little League Baseball, not just as spectators, but often as volunteers. Many give their time to […]

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Little League Field Safety Checklist

In Little League Baseball, there’s nothing more important than the safety of the players. It’s the job of the coaches, field managers and volunteers to make sure they’ve done everything they can to create a safe playing environment for the young athletes, and proper field maintenance plays a huge role in making this a reality. […]

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What You Need To Check On Your Baseball Field Before Every Game

Before the umpire shouts, “Play ball!” it’s a field manager’s job to make sure the baseball field is in the best possible playing condition for the scheduled game time. This goes far beyond the aesthetics of repainting the foul lines and the hitter’s circles. Proper pre-game maintenance is a detailed process that involves making sure […]

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5 Baseball Field Grooming Tricks Used By The Pros

Shop Baseball Products Grooming your baseball field is about much more than simple aesthetics. Sure, you want your field to look beautiful and professional, but what’s truly important is that your field is safe for play. As a grounds maintenance worker, your top concern should be the safety of the players that will be taking […]

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A Guide to Baseball Field Dimensions

When it comes to designing your baseball field, it’s important to make sure the layout and dimensions match the level of play the field is being used for (e.g. a Little League field will have different dimensions than a major league field). This helps ensure unbiased, consistent play across fields for athletes, keeping the game […]

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Protecting Your Baseball Field All Winter Long

Winter can be a baseball field’s worst nightmare if proper precautions aren’t taken. Freezing temperatures can wreak havoc on the turf, and the damage can have long-term ramifications that extend into the spring playing season. Simply put, you can’t afford to ignore winter maintenance on your baseball field. The good news is that a little […]

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Create a Midseason Baseball Field Maintenance Plan

Wear and tear takes its toll on a baseball field during the course of a season — it’s inevitable. That doesn’t mean you can’t take necessary steps to keep your field in the best possible condition from one game to the next. Putting a good field maintenance plan together should not focus only on what […]

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