Portable, Temporary, & Grand Slam Baseball Fencing

With Grand Slam Fencing, you can transform outdoor spaces into outfields in a matter of minutes. This leading natural turf solution for baseball, softball and Little League offers portable and affordable above-ground and in-ground fencing that’s light yet durable against the wind and high-speed homers. Our staff can help you customize a fence to suit your players’ needs.

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Reliable features
Grand Slam Fencing has been the go-to natural turf solution for teams throughout the country for years. Our selection of above-ground and in-ground outfield fencing is made from a soft material that rolls right up for convenient transportation and storage. Setup time is minimal, and takedown is a breeze. These are just a few of the benefits customers enjoy:

  • Durable design
  • 3” yellow home run marker
  • Hassle-free storage and setup
  • Easy-to-handle material
  • Installation tools included

Which kit is right for me?
CoverSports carries traditional in-ground Grand Slam Fencing, but we also have above-the-ground fences in stock that are specially designed for synthetic fields, asphalt areas or anywhere in-ground holes are not possible or desired. Once you’ve chosen your style, we can help you customize it. Options and accessories include:

  • Three bold colors: blue, red or green
  • Add-on distance banners and foul pole kits
  • Pole spacing at 10’ intervals or 5’ intervals, to improve wind resistance
  • Optional ground sockets provide enhanced ground reinforcement and wind resistance
  • Standard kit lengths include: 50 feet, 100 feet and 150 feet; One piece outfield kit lengths include 314 feet (for 200’ home-run distance) and 471 feet (for 300’ home-run distance). Custom lengths available

Benefits of In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing
In-ground fencing is the traditional way to go if your team plays on a natural turf where you are permitted to install it. Durable PVC poles support the structure, (theres not much to tailor other than choosing poles at 5’ intervals over 10’ intervals). Here are some of the benefits to choosing an in-ground Grand Slam fence:

  • Low cost
  • Quick and easy to install and take down, roll up for easy storage
  • Durable and wind resistant

Benefits of Above-Ground Grand Slam Fencing
If your team is playing on a synthetic surface, or some place that doesn’t allow holes to be drilled, above-ground fencing is your best option for speedy setup and take-down that leaves no trace. The portable design can be repurposed for use at festivals and other outdoor events with crowds. Here are some more of the benefits at a glance:

  • No digging required
  • Weighted, wind-resistant poles
  • Single-piece and custom lengths available
  • Multi-purpose design
Customers have been coming to CoverSports since our early days as a wagon cover company in the late 1800s. Since then, we’ve provided service to pro teams nationwide, from the Baltimore Orioles to the Washington Nationals. Our speedy turnaround times don’t sacrifice quality for efficiency. We also include a full warranty that protects your Grand Slam Fencing purchase against manufacturer defects. If the fence is damaged due to UV rays, you can take advantage of a pro-rated two-year warranty. Step up to the plate and order a sample, or call us to request a quote today.

Temporary Baseball Fences
  • Durable yet soft, and easy-to-handle
  • Quick and easy to set up and take down, see below
  • Available in blue, red, green, all with yellow top home run marker
  • 4' high
  • Includes high-performance, furniture grade PVC poles
    • Standard: Poles at 10' intervals
    • Optional: Poles at 5' intervals for better wind resistance and reduced sagging
  • Available in 5 different one-piece lengths (see specifications tab and below for kit details):
    • Full outfield kits:
      - 300’ HR distance (471’ length)
      - 200’ HR distance (314’ length)
    • Standard length kits: 150’, 100’ and 50’
    • Custom length outfield kits available
Grand Slam Fencing™ is a temporary and portable outfield fence that is easy to set up and take down.
 1. Insert poles through
     loops woven into fabric.
 2. Attach fence fabric to top
    cap with easy open/close
 3. Mark and drill holes for
     poles with 12" auger
 4. Place poles in holes.
     Fence is ready for use!
  5. When you take down
     fence, roll up with poles in
     place. Takes minutes!

Full warranty against fabric and
manufacturing defects. 2-year pro-rated
warranty against breakdown from UV sunlight.
Grand Slam Fencing™ Colors (actual colors may vary)
Grand Slam Fencing in Blue Grand Slam Fencing in Red   Grand Slam Fencing in Green

Grand Slam Fencing™ Full Outfield Fencing kits
Popular field sizes/designs: Baseball and Men’s Softball (471’), Women’s Softball and Little League (314’).
  • No gaps in fence
  • Clean continuous look

300 HR distance full outfield fencing kit includes:
  • 471’ of fencing
  • 49 poles
  • Tape measure
  • Auger digging tool

200 HR distance full outfield fencing kit includes:
  • 314’ of fencing
  • 33 poles
  • Tape measure
  • Auger digging tool


Distance Banner Placement

Distance Banner Placement

Grand Slam Fencing™ Standard Length kits
  • Easier handling of smaller sections
  • Can design with overlap/gap in sections for ball retrieval
  • Design flexibility – can change outfield distance by adding or eliminating sections

150’ kit includes:
  • 150’ of fencing
  • 16 poles
  • Auger digging tool

100’ kit includes:
  • 100’ of fencing
  • 11 poles
  • Auger digging tool

50’ kit includes:
  • 50’ of fencing
  • 6 poles
  • Auger digging tool

Common field designs using Standard Grand Slam Fencing™ kits.
To calculate the amount of fencing needed for foul-pole to foul-pole, multiply the home run distance by 1.57.
Example: 200' home run distance x 1.57 = 314' of fence required.
For example:
For 300' home run distance (baseball) you can use
500' of fencing.

For 200' home run distance (softball and little league) you need a minimum 314' of fencing.
Recommended kits:
  • 2 each 150' fence kits
  • 2 each 100' fence kits
Recommended kits:
  • 1 each 150' fence kits
  • 1 each 100' fence kits
Fencing Kit 1 Fencing Kit 2

In-Ground Grand Slam Fencing Accessories

Socket Kit

Kit includes:
  • 12" long PVC socket
  • Top cap to cover socket when not in use
  • Tool to set socket

  • Easy to install
  • Gives extra stability
  • Allows for quick removal of fence for mowing or events
  • Stays put for easy reinstallation

   Socket Kit
8’ High Foul Pole Kit
  • Kit includes:
    • Two 8’ yellow foam foul poles
    • Two PVC reinforcing foul poles (attach to fence end poles)
    • Two ground sockets
    • Six 19” yellow tie wraps for securing foul pole to fence end pole

    • Gives the outfield that finished look
    • Fits all portable or temporary fences

   8' High Foul Pole Kit

Distance Banners

Kit includes:
  • 3 distance banners sewn to fence
  • Available in 200 or 300 (standard) or custom HR distance

  • Marks home run distance for players
  • Adds finished look to the outfield

   Socket Kit